Monday, July 4, 2011

World Championship SG Qualifiers lookback

Here is the looking back for my entire tournament day. It's a pretty long read so be warned!

After an evening of rest... I'm still tired out lol, cause I helped out with the site setup on Saturday night and only slept at 1am, then accompanied the judge to the site, arriving by 8am. Half surprised myself I managed to still concentrate during the tournament with so little sleep.

Tournament basically was a 5 round Swiss played between 64 players, to cut to top 12. Then joined with 4 players from the prior mini qualifiers, the top 16 players played in a single elimination format. I managed to get 4-1 to squeeze in, but Bahamut84 got 3-2 and didn't manage to. Alright enough of the formalities, here is some of my matches! (Apologies if any errors, my memory isn't fantastic)

Deck used: Machina Karakuri

Swiss Round 1 - Hong Rui (Junk Doppel) OO
Game 1 - Saw his starting field and correctly read that he was playing Junk Doppel with no real traps, so filled up the field to 3 Bureidos on my first turn. He managed to clear 1 with his set Ryko and another with Catastor but my advantage was already too big. Cleared the Catastor and won.
Game 2 - Drew most of my side decked cards with not much of the main deck components so the game dragged quite abit. However he couldn't do much about my Gozen and I managed to flood the field and won abit later

Swiss Round 2 - Darius (Agent Angel) XOX
Game 1 - Drew a bad hand while his Orange Light stopped my Bureido from summoning and lost
Game 2 - His turn for bad hand this time round, and his only defense was an Orange Light while I managed to force my way through despite it on my 2nd turn and won
Game 3 - His first turn Trap Dustshoot, Warning control combined with Earth and Venus flood with Hyperion in turn 2 cleared me out and I lost with my nice full monster hand with no tuners.

Swiss Round 3 - Terrence (Valhalla Counter Faries) OO
Game 1 - Game dragged abit with his multitude of counter traps. However my monsters were bigger then Artemis and he couldn't gain advantage with his draws and I won
Game 2 - Managed to do an early flood with Bureidos after my double Trap Stun and won

Swiss Round 4 - Anthony (Junk Doppel) OO
Game 1 - Mind controlled his Ryko to clear his board, then triple Bureido together with Catastor (synchroed using my final Strategist and his Ryko) for the win
Game 2 - Apologies but don't really recall the game. Just somehow managed to flood through for the win.

Swiss Round 5 - Joo Kian (Machina Gadget) OO
Finally, my favorite matchup lol. Think its cause im just familiar with the deck since they are machines. Even though we got a random deck check which lasted 20 mins, I still managed to triple Bureido / Burei for both rounds and won before time was called.

Top 16 - Jeremy Chua (Machina Gadget) OO
Game 1 - More Machina Gadgets! Early flood wins the game
Game 2 - Game got dragged out with him using traps and me trying to clear them off with no sign of Hurricane and Trap Stun. Finally a Ninja with Limit Break goes through to form up a Bureido, Burei and Soldier with help from Growup Bulb. Next turn he clears both Bureido and Burei and Soldier using a Gearframe and double Fortress, but Strategist turns Gearframe to defense. Strategist kills Gearframe while I draw Hurricane and 2 Trap Stuns over next few turns. However he ran out of monsters by then and Strategist slowly poked for the win, with Trap Stun stopping his Compulsory Evacuation.

Top 8 - Samuel (Junk Doppel) OO
Game 1 - 2nd turn flood with Limiter Removal for the win!
Game 2 - Crow, Prophecy and Gozen holds him down while I safely flooded the field for the win a few turns later

Top 4 - Danial (Grave BF) XOX
Game 1 - Tried to do an early flood with a Solemn as he didn't have a BF on field and I was wary of Icarus. Solemn stops his Oppression but he flips Torrential after that. Lost too much advantage after that and lost.
Game 2 - Game dragged awhile as i had a pretty bad hand with lots of spells. Finally drew One for One and got excited, forgetting that Wanghu was on the field, which was quite a bad mistake lol. When I tried to Bureido in main phase 2, he oppressed again and I used Solemn. After some long thought, he used Solemn too. After that he used Vayu for Arms Wing which I De-Synchro away lol. With his monsters mostly cleared, I finally drew monsters to chop and win.
Game 3 - Thought I had a good hand and tried to do an early triple Bureido, but he Crowed away my Bulb which I didn't expect, since the deck isn't usually scared of crow. (He told me later it was because he didn't have much stuff to side for me and he was worried about my flood) Next turn Cyber Dragon clears my field, Grepher brings out Arms Wing and I had to Scoop.

For 3rd and 4th place - William (Machina Gadget) OXO
Game 1 - Early flood takes the game
Game 2 - His turn to flood me with Fortress, Compulsory bounces my Soldier and direct for the win
Game 3 - Had 2 Trap Stuns in starting hand and set those. He used Pot of Duality and took Solemn Judgement over Book of Moon, then set 4 cards. On my turn, Trap Stun 1 claimed 4000 lp, Trap Stun 2 stopped him, then Triple Bureido and Ninja with Limiter claimed my final game of the day.

And that's about it for the whole day! Even though I didn't top the tournament, there is still some hope that the top 2 players will be unable to make it (In SG, only the first place makes it to Worlds, unlike TCG). As such, hope you will forgive that I don't post my decklist, since there's a chance I will use it if I do get to go. All I can say is, it works on the same principles of my previous MKK so you can check out the deck archive there. Once again, thanks for the support everyone!


  1. Was thinking of running ur kikou kuri deck with a few changes 2 suit my playstyle for european championships I think the deck is insane
    Would u recomend it ?

  2. Sorry* machina kikou kuri

  3. Congrats DS! always supporting the PRO!

  4. do you have decklist from jeremy chua and Kaven Sue?

  5. Hey DSummon, I'm also a Karakuri duelist. Mind posting your build so we can all see how you made Top 3? Please? Thanks. =)