Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photon Shockwave Spoiler and translation

Card list

Ghost Rare
Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare
Evolkaiser Ragia
No 10 White Knight Illuminator
No 20 Brilli-ant
Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
Thunder End Dragon

Super Rare
Light Serpent (13)
Photon Cerberos (15)
Evolda Celato (20)
Mainspring Hunter (24)
Baby Tragon (38)
No 83 Galaxy Queen (39)
Black Ray Lancer (40)
Extra Gate (56)
Shining Darkness (75)

Normal Rare
Goblin Hole Covering Squad (35)
Triwight Zone (59)
Retreat Order(77)

Translation File: Here

Pictures are from various places and BBS Photon Shockwave Thread

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