Wednesday, July 6, 2011

500k hits!

Finally hit 500k hits ever since this blog started back in 2007.

The visit occured on 6th July 2011 at 10:18 PM (Singapore Time) and it is from the American continent judging from the time zone, not sure where since the location and ISP and everything unknown, pretty fail lol.


Back then the blog is filled with much more crap since this was originally intended to be my personal blog. DSummon came along and suddenly we decided it should be made into a Yugioh blog. It was quite a cool idea then since there wasn't as many Yugioh blogs like today.

To show how pathetic it was, my first post was made on 29th March 2007 and our 1000th visit was 3rd July 2007. That is like about 10 visitors daily on average lol! Yeah we were unknown.

I have to thank Rauzes who made Yugioh blogging popular somewhere in 2009. I also want to thank Neuxcharge, he started with putting up OCG decks and match videos on Youtube and it was inspirational that we eventually did it too.

I would like to thank everyone for the support!

I wonder when will it get 1 million hits (if it ever will) XD

Please let the blog reach 1 million hits before I decide to quit lol.


DSummon here, thanks everyone for all the support! Especially all the congratulation comments for my recent Worlds Championships Qualifiers and the messages we received on Duelnet has made us realise what a wide variety of readers we have supporting us.

Thanks everyone and keep reading on!


  1. Congrats on half a million.

    That block of IP Address is allocated to Puerto Rico.

  2. Congratulations to 500k vies!

    And speaking of the devil do you happen to know what the freak happened to Neuxcharge?

  3. more appearences on D-Net and gratz on the half a million hits.

  4. DSummon, I'm going on a trip to Singapore this weekend. Could you please tell me what stores sell Yu-Gi-Oh! cards? Thanks! =)

  5. Do you guys have any idea what ever happened to Neuxcharge? He hasn't posted any videos up for that past 9 months.

  6. do you earn anything here?