Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts on Generation Force

So Generation Force is out! Well, in Japan at least. With the delay, it seems that only Japan has gotten stock of the latest pack, so there will be no translations or pictures from us this time. For those who are interested, you can see some of the scans here whereas Shriek is working on the translations here.
(Chances are Shriek is using the same blog for the scans, since the blog's scans for Magic cards are kinda crap, and Shriek has problems with the magic cards' effects too LOL)

In general, pack is not really exciting. Nothing extremely refreshing similar to what Synchro brought for us, since none of the Exceed monsters are really that fantastic. Best in my opinion is currently still Mainspring Meister, though the newly announced Terrabyte and or Empty Space Sea Serpent come relatively close to 2nd. (Leaving Tyrus out of it, since 2 Level 5 can probably do alot more)

Nothing very exciting at the moment, though the large number of water monsters make a sorta water beatdown deck look very possible. Escort Vessel looks interesting as a free random special summon for Light decks. Honestly Gear Gearno looks the most promising, LOL (Machine Dup anyone? However at the moment, the only thing that can abuse this the most is probably XYZ, since it would kinda mean 2 cards for the XYZ monster. However, you would probably be better off reviving some Karakuris for synchro abuse, LOL)

Nothing extremely promising as of now, though some of the unconfirmed effect cards may give some hope yet. Surfacing looks good for a water beatdown deck probably?

Poseidon Wave gives a potential 4k burn trap, though probably not really gonna happen. Shock looks to give the water deck that boost it needs? Combined with Deep Sea Charge, looks like Water is getting the magic/trap support it needs, though its monsters arent very exciting to support a deck on its own as of now IMO. United Front screams for abuse in decks such as Hero Beat, since it gives them practically a free counter trap to use. The best trap as of now would probably be Regulation Training. (When opponent is trying to do some abuse with Librarian etc, just select one of the Doppel/Dandy Tokens and clear his board)

Conclusion: Unless there is some exciting magic card that appears, this pack is pretty unexciting, other then anyone interesting in trying out a water deck. Traps are pretty good though. Exceed monsters released at the moment show some potential, but Synchro monsters definitely hold the advantage as of now. This is my take of the latest pack as of now, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I'm surprised you didn't even sound upset. Is that to counter-troll Konami (as this whole set was obviously to troll us >.>)?

  2. The cards in this pack are weird!

    And almost all look like they are missing quite a few cards to have some better synergy!

    My advise is to w8 spoilers for Photon Shockwave to come before we jump to any conclusions!

    Until then...the pack sucks!XD

    Personally, I think it's better to take a slower approach this time unlike what they did with synchros where they went and released almost all the broken synchros right away!

  3. What? You didn't even mention the potential of Wonder Wand? Put that card in a GK deck and they have their very own draw card! Combo that with GK Recruiter and you get 3 cards. I think that's the only promising card in this set.

  4. Most of the decent cards are traps. Everything else suck. At least Sea Serpent got an archetype now, and it's original.

  5. @kitda9
    Except we have no GK Recruiter in OCG.

  6. Oh yeah, that's right...well, at least I'm excited about it 8D

  7. actually some good combos can be pulled from this booster pack tho
    but still didn't found a good one for now lol