Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Deck] Machina Kikou Kuri

Hi guys, as requested, decklist is up for Machina Kikou Kuri~ This build is the one I was playing around with when I filmed the video. I guess it looks like Im testing out alot of things inside right now, but will have an updated version of it up after the new banlist start in March.

Deck: Machina Kikou Kuri

Monster [21]
[3] Machina Gearframe
[2] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Cannon
[2] Karakuri Soldier 236
[2] Karakuri Ninja 919
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[1] Karakuri Komachi 224
[1] Karakuri Guard 313
[1] Unknown Synchron
[1] Grow Up Bulb
[1] Effect Veiler
[2] Machine Imperial Soldier Wisel Ein
[2] Black Bomber

Magic [15]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Allure of Darkness
[1] Limiter Removal
[1] Mind Control
[2] Cyclone
[1] Hurricane
[3] Book of Moon
[1] Foolish Burial
[2] Pot of Avarice
[1] One for One
[1] De-Synchro

Trap [4]
[3] Chaos Infinity
[1] Solemn Judgement

Some explanations for my choice of cards are required I guess:

Machina Cannon at 1 while Machina Fortress at 2
- Simply cause you only need about 2 in the deck, and a 1 card discard for Fortress is always welcome. Something that im still testing out

Karakuri choices
- Soldier and Ninja are the best non tuners available. As for tuners, I tested the build and this seems about right for a non duplication build. Guard gives access to Bureido to allow draw whore action, while Komachi and Strategist give the all important Level 7s

Level 1 tuners
- Bulb is obvious, Unknown gives you a similar outcome, though not as strong, but no setup needed, and Veiler just gives you some extra defense

Black Bomber / Wisel Ein
- The dark monsters for Allure, while as Machines provides discards for Fortress. And of course in the right situation Black Bomber is a 1 card Burei + Ninja. Better then Plant engine in my opinion simply cause of the draw + fortress reasons.

Book of Moon (As main defense)
- Still does its job well, while allowing me to setup for Chaos Infinity. Not to mention for Karakuris, Bureis lets you bring them back to faceup to beat through for damage.

Pot of Avarice
- Do the Gearframe + One for One combo once, and you have more then enough in grave to use the Avarice so why not?

- Instant +1 when you have a Synchro. Depending on the situation, it even nets +2/3 through Bureido drawing so why not? Will try to squeeze to 2 when Im building the next build after banlist prob.

Chaos Infinity
- Sure, more special summons combine with making Black Bomber setup and quicker grave filling for Avarice while making your opponent vulnerable, why not?

I guess Im biased since this is my unique build, but I personally prefer this build cause it is more consistent in my opinion, as you dont have spores and stuff stuck in hand (Machines makes for consistent discards with Machina Fortress), and it vomits monsters out much faster. (Yes, the rate of monster summons is seriously compared to vomitting)

Comparing my build to the Machina Karakuri Plant, I would say that build is abit more combo-ish, but of course that deck allows you to do the various Draw Whore plays, making it very versatile. As compared, my build is more linear since it concentrate on getting the Shoguns out, but since it concentrates, it does it alot more consistently. Up to your playstyle I guess? Thats it from me and hope you enjoy the deck~


  1. Interesting recipe.
    Mixing 3 archtypes and still have a good consistency, well at least that's what i saw in the video.

    Btw, could you possibly do another Fabled deck using the new ban list?
    I Really like them and i really like your deck builds.

  2. Maybe drop a Chaos Infinity for a De-Synchro?

    My only issue with Chaos Infinity is that it's terrible if you don't have a Wisel Ein already in the graveyard. But on the other hand, whatever works for you.

  3. I don't know if you have different numbers for your Karakuris, but following two aren't in wikia:
    [2] Karakuri Ninja 717
    [1] Karakuri Komachi 334

    I think you mean 919 "Kuikku" and 224 "Ninishi", right?

    Best regards

    I'm testing Karakuri since STBL, but Chimera is soooo terrible, what do you do against?

  4. @Assiduity As usual there is a translation error in wikia, you are meant to summon only 1 copy from either deck OR grave. So yup, you can use it even if you have none in your grave.

    @Anonymous Thanks, read the names directly from the card itself. As usual I still have trouble with name translation :)

    For Chimera, my answer to that question is to do OTK so that your opponent has no chance to clear your board with Chimera. Either that or using the new draw whore through Bureido method, make sure you draw till you still have an advantage even if your monsters are cleared from board anyway.

  5. @Anonymous Ever since Chimera was released in OCG, almost all the decks I build are based on the idea of OTK anyway

    @first Anonymous Fableds is under Baha, will ask him about it and its all up to him~

  6. Hi DSummon,

    I'm Anonymous Nr. 2 and I'll use this Nickname in the future, since I'm really interested to talk with you sometimes.

    Regarding your Karakuri-Deck:
    I tested a KK-Plant-Version, at the beginning with 2 De-Synchro. De-Synchro is a really good card in this deck, because it makes +2 with a Bureido. But with only 8 KKs in the whole deck, I kicked it because it happened that I had no target left. In addition, it's really really deathdraw.
    But what I can only consider:
    Try out 2 Cyber Saurus in the Extra Deck + 3 Instant Fusion in the Main Deck! With 3 Stragest + 1 or 2 Beauties you have that much Level3-Tuner, that you will bring nearly every 1st turn at least 1 Bureido out! With that focus on Bureido I kicked 1 Burei, never needed more than 2.
    I hope it was understandable!

    Best regards from Italy

  7. What is the TCG equivalent to Hurricane?

  8. @kkltal Thanks for the suggestions. I did consider instant fusion, but somehow don't like it as it's a dead draw when I don't have tuners. I also dont have that many Karakuri in my deck but De Synchro works since I seldom draw more then 1 anyway.

    Even if I have both, it means the Karakuris are all nicely in deck and not in my hand, so I have enough to abuse? Just a matter of play style I guess.

    Anyway with the new banlist, Im actually testing a quite different build from the one above. Keep a look out for it here~

  9. As your previous post has stated, chaos infinity can only be used when there is a defense position mosnter on the field.

    How likely does that occurs?

    Or do you mostly use it when you set a monster?

  10. Since you can safely set a Tuner and use Chaos Infinity to flip it up, he can do both, I think.

  11. @above Yup, Chaos Infinity's conditions are pretty easy to meet, as long as you are conscious about it. If not, just cover it 1 turn ahead, next turn set tuner, flip face up with infinity and start everything from there.

    Alternatively you can sp summon Unknown Synchron in defense mode, Bulb in defense mode, or just sp the Karakuri in defense mode when using Burei/Bureido to call them out.