Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gold Series lol

So much excitement over pot of duality on the internet.

Cmon people, the pic is fake!

See, I can make one too!

That's a ruler and a cutting board in the background.

Pardon my lazy penknife techniques.

Shaky hands to make image blurry is intentional.

Step by step guide!

1) Soak an appropriate card to get the frame (in this case I used Exiled Force!)
2) It will split into 2 parts, the cardboard backing, and the plastic material with the image.
3) Use your fingers and clear away any remaining paper sticking to the plastic.
4) Knife away the name box, picture box and the effect box.
5) Put your card of choice behind and sleeve them together.
6) Put up on internet and hope people think it's real!


  1. You actually believed the Pot was real? LOL