Sunday, December 19, 2010

New record!

Today is team tournament at CardMaster.

Leader: Alex @ Six Samurai
Member 1: Clarence @ Six Samurai
Member 2: Bahamut the Burden @ Debris Dandy

Match 1: VS BF
Dark Armed + oppression

Match 2: VS Six Samurai
Disgusting double Gateway and some Rivalry

Match 3: VS Six Samurai
Double Gateway and Double United VS my Starting hand of Spore, Bulb, 2 Raigeki Break and Torrential

Match 4: VS BF
Dark Armed And Goyo and Oppression lol

Match 5: VS Six Samurai
More 2 Gateway Mizuho bullshit

Match 6: VS Six Samurai
I love Trishula

Match 7: VS Six Samurai
Gate + United + Mizuho bullshit loop

My final score as you can see, is 2-12 LOL. All my opponent got God hand, mostly. While I get despair hand.

But because my teammate is too imba, we got 2nd.

Whole new level of scrubbing. I think I hit my quota for losing this month.

Asia Plus Singapore: Scrub
Asia Plus Hong Kong: Scrub
Team Tournament: As above!

Not a good month for dueling lol.