Friday, August 13, 2010

Tournament Report 13/08/10

Hi guys, joined a tournament with my super mixture deck of Scrap, Antique Gear Dragons and Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, lol. Not bad results, so decided to post them here, lol.

Tournament Joined: Jurong East (Thousand Taste Trading)
Deck Used: Magical Scrap Town + Wisel (Yes, I decided to ignore frogs and play full strength build with Magical Hats)

Qualifier Round 1: Unknown (Gravekeeper Beat) OO
Match 1 - Had a bad hand at the beginning but managed to slowly build up my field and got out Scrap Dragon along with AGGD few turns later, and won after that.
Match 2 - He started with only 2 back row so on my 1st turn did a Heavy Storm, then Beast attacked, Squalled and Wisel continued the attack for half blood. It negated a few magic, and died to D-Prison a few turns later but I had set up for Scrap by then and won.

Qualifier Round 2: Clover (Frog 1kill) OXO
Match 1 - He did not do an FTK on me and I had some face downs. He tried to Unifrog attack me, so I got off Hats, called out AGGD and cleared his Swap Frog. Won in my next turn with more Geartown, Scraps, and Limit Break :)
Match 2 - 1st turn Frog Mass Driver kill and I had no Crows, enough said
Match 3 - Managed to Crow away his Fishborg Gunner but he Burial from DD it back. After that he used Hand Severing and I drew another Crow which I used on Fishborg again lol. On my turn, I attacked using Chimera, then Squalled away for Wisel. Wisel then stayed on my field for many turns while I slowly cleared his resources and won. (He had grave set up and 1 Mass Driver in hand, but I kept not using the Wisel's negation ability so he could not win until he could get a 2nd Mass Driver which he didnt)

Top 8: Zhi (Machina Gadget) OO
Match 1 - I started with Hats and Goblin but he Cycloned it away though he couldnt clear the Goblin. Covered my 2nd Hats which got off and 2 AGGD appeared though 1 got Bottomless. Got Scrap Dragon loop with Chimera and Tuners to keep adding Chimera back to hand and won few turns later
Match 2 - He tried to rush me by using Grow up bulb to get out Mental Sphere Demon and Magical Android but my face down was Goblin again. On my turn I hurricaned, Squall Goblin to add Beast to hand, then SP cydra + Beast for Scrap Twin, and Geartown clears his 2 synchro monsters for 6k damage. Dust Shoot removes his Gearframe on his turn, and without any useful Traps I won on my turn.

Top 4: Richard (Infernity) XOO
Match 1 - 2nd turn ate 3 Trishulas, whats new?
Match 2 - Used 1 AGGD to chop as I had bad hand with lots of Geartown while I had sided my 2nd AGGD out to prevent bad hands. Holy Light then locked him a few turns. Finally managed to get Wisel out along with that field, but he top decks Cydra, hits Holy Light, and fuse for Chimeratech Fortress. However, I had most of my stuff ready by then, so Scrap Chimera brings out Dragon with my Geartown again and won
Match 3 - Cleared his Gun using Wasteland Tornado for 2nd time against him. 1st was in Match 2. Had only 2 Chimera and Trago with only Goblin in grave, so got my Trago out, synchro with Goblin revived with Chimera for Goyo, then on my next turn revive again for Scrap Twin Dragon which returned his stuff to hand and won in a couple of turns.

Finals: Sam (Frog 1kill) XX
Match 1 - 1st turn Frog Mass Driver
Match 2 - Frog with 3 Trishula died

Whats so fun about playing Frogs 1kill? I dont get it at all. Looking at all the people playing it, seems to me like a very "study your own hand and just figure out how to win with that hand" deck, which is very boring for me. Ah well, it should be gone in another few weeks so live with it I guess. Meanwhile, Wisel is very fun~ You guys should try it out yeah


Deck Name: Magical Scrap Town
Monster [18]
[3] Scrap Chimera
[2] Scrap Beast
[2] Scrap Golem
[3] Scrap Goblin
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Antique Gear Dragon
[1] Card Gunner
[2] Machine Emperor Wisel ∞
[1] Tragodia

Magic [17]
[3] Scrap Squall
[3] Scrap Area
[3] Gear Town
[1] Limitter Removal
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] Brain Control
[1] Mind Control
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Enemy Controller

Trap [5]
[1] Call of the Haunted
[1] Big Tornado of the Wasteland
[3] Magical Hats

As you can see, its actually not very far off from my Scrap Beat build / the original Magical Scrap Town build. I kinda just already decided how my Scrap engine would work out best, then just editted the deck around to fit the other stuff, lol. Anyway this is nowhere near final as Im still tuning and playing around so yup, Enjoy~


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