Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random OTK moments with Machine Emperors

Random day in duelingdays land and I was playing casually with a friend of mine. Opponent started first, played out his combos and ended with this setup.

Future Fusion, Dragon Canyon, Dragunity Knight - Gadearg
Laevatein * 3, Aklys, Phalanx, Brandistock, Dux

With the perfect Dragunity grave/field setup, I was going to lose the game bad unless I had something useful. I looked at my 6 cards, thought awhile and smiled.

Card 1: Special Summon Cyber Dragon
Card 2: Foolish Burial discards Scrap Beast to grave
Card 3: Scrap Chimera Revives Scrap Beast to synchro Scrap Dragon
Card 4: Geartown with Scrap Dragon's effect destroys Gadearg and brings out AGGD

All attack!
Opp: "Ok, I take all the damage, I left 100 lp, end turn?"
Me: "Nope, not quite. Still in battle phase~"

Card 5: Activate Scrap Squall, discard Scrap Golem and draw, destroy Scrap Dragon
Card 6: Special Summon Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, attack for another 2500

Opp: "Wah lau, OTK me, I dont play with you anymore"
Me: "LOL????"

Yup, you just never know in Yugioh, thats why I love my machines =)

PS: Didnt really need the Cyber Dragon anyway, only realised till after the game, lol.


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