Sunday, August 8, 2010

[Deck] Scrap Town Rush

Hi guys, due to the overwhelming requests for an updated Scrap deck, I have decided to post the current deck that I am using at the moment. (Had wanted to post it only after I had some results in tournaments but there is only so much you can do when you fight 3 Frog Mass Driver decks out of 5 swiss rounds over 2 local tournaments)

Monster [17]
[3] Scrap Chimera
[2] Scrap Beast
[2] Scrap Golem
[3] Scrap Goblin
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Antique Gear Dragon
[1] Card Gunner
[1] Summon Priest
[1] Tragodia

Magic [22]
[3] Scrap Squall
[3] Scrap Area
[3] Gear Town
[2] Terraforming
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] My Body as a Shield
[1] Cold Wave
[1] Brain Control
[1] Mind Control
[1] Foolish Burial
[3] Book of Moon

Trap [1]
[1] Call of the Haunted

Synchro Pile:
[3] Scrap Dragon
[2] Scrap Twin Dragon
[1] Scrap Archfiend
The works

Why I chose certain cards / number of a card
1. Scrap Beast is usually sufficient at 2, as long as you dont summon it randomly without Scrap Squall in case of Bottomless / D-Prison etc. It doesnt have the "wont die by battle" effect so Goblin is actually alot more important.
2. My only "trap" being 3 Book of Moon? I want chainable stuff to prevent people who cheese win by Brain Control / Mind Control of Scrap Dragon and clear my board
3. Summon Priest makes a fast synchro plus gets that Beast to the grave faster for you to set up Chimeras. You can clear opponent's monsters easily as long as you have some m/t destruction anyway. 3 Scrap Areas make good discard material for it
4. No Instant Fusion, since I doubt you will want to summon Arcanite that much. Plus 1 Book of Moon / Bottomless and any destructive trap makes Instant Fusion not a very safe engine imo. Tested and totally dislike it

Lastly, why do I use the Geartown engine? You will understand if you play a pure Scrap build but when the only boss monster on your field is 1 Scrap Dragon, 1 Earth Smash or random destructive card and the loop is easily spoiled. Your opponent will probably not Earth Smash your Scrap Dragon and let your Golem stay on the field that easily, and none of the other Scrap monsters will be much of a threat. (Trust me, I did a full build with Double Summons and all. Works out pretty well, but no amount of Chimeras in hand will prevent you from dying to random field flooding by opponent.)

And of course, 1 Scrap Dragon + 2 Geartown wins games, really. (The matches that I won over the Frog Massdriver was by doing an OTK on them when they could not FTK me) So you will get some occasional bad hands with AGGD stuck in hand but not much of a choice there. Advice is to spam the Geartowns and get them out of the deck quickly before you draw them.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoy the decklist and have fun! I will pray I stop meeting random FTK decks so that I can have some actual results with this deck...

PS: Yes, to all the people who did not see my tagboard post / comments etc. I DO realise about the Dark Desertapir missing timing with Gigantes, you dont have to repeat the comments again and again and again. Just kinda went anger mode when I thought there was a new crazy Cat abuse method in town, lol. Still works with Gold Sacrophagus and is still too imbal imo though.

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