Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tournament reports this week.

Tag Tournament @ Jurong 03/04/10

Team member: Angryboy
Deck used: Double MGS

Round 1: LS x Six Samurai

Round 2: BF x BF

Round 3 : BF x BF

Round 4: Skipped

Round 5: BF x BF
Long story short, I ENDED MY TURN AND DIED.

Final result: 2nd

Obviously this team tournament format is very BF friendly. Will not join this format ever again.


Starlight Road Tourney @ Khatib 04/04/10

Deck used: Infernity

Round 1: Jess (BF)
1: Gold Sarc for Hurricane, and 2 turns later 3 Trishula appeared
2: Died from BF rush
3: Repeat from 1

Round 2: Baochun (BF)
1: He went first and had Raiou + 2 set card. My starting hand, 3 Infernity Inferno, 1 Necromancer,1 Beetle and 1 Torrential. He dust shoot and shuffled back Necromancer. Awesome. After some stalling with top draws, he Advance summoned Sirocco with 2 whirlwind on the field. You must be wondering how am I still not dead from all this. But anyway I survived and managed to make a come back with just beetles and demon forming cute things like Death Dragon, Stardust and Goyou.
2: It was Raiou that slut again, paired with a BF I can't remember. But anyway, in order to bait out oppression (since I had Storm and gun) I went and did a hand less Necromancer and got oppressioned anyway, so I stormed and it was a battle of top draw! Obviously I won =D

Round 3: Sorry don't know name (BF)
1: After some stalling and resisting rapes, I was left with 1100. I made a mistake of searching Mirage instead of gun with no beetle in grave. Decided to suicide my demon into DAD and used the mirage to summon demon + necromancer again and get beetle and did trishula afterwards.
2: He did a first turn Kalut + Gale turning into Arms Wing. I was predicting a DAD in his hand and I had vortex in hand. Decided to store a little bit with 2 grephers trying to set up. In the end I summoned Trishula and I missed the DAD in his hand which he summoned afetrwards! But anyway I still had gun in hand to continue next turn.

Round 4: Akira (BF)
1: Usual Trishula set up with Gold Sarc Hurricane.
2: BF rush FTW
3: Starting hand of One for One, 2 Mirage, 2 Grepher and Dust Tornado. Stupidly I dropped Grepher for Grepher. Obviously after the mistake there is no way to recover.

Top 8
Round 5: Aaron (GB)
1: Nothing to do seriously, no defensive traps whatever.
2: Quite a long match, but basically I was too noob to realise gun can select 1 target, otherwise I would've summoned trishula instead of struggling with catastor, followed by random double Gishilnodon lol. Many many top decks later, gg.

Round 6: Jess AGAIN! (BF)
1: Gold Sarc to Hurricane is skill.
2: Obviously there was no point in playing, and I was stoning for a little bit and actually stored my Sarc lol. Died.
3: More top decking skills after super long epic match which I really can't remember.

Result: Top 8


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