Friday, March 12, 2010

Last day in Japan!!!

Hi guys! It is currently 6pm Japan time and we are on the flight on the way back to Singapore! Since no net is available on the plane obviously, this post will be published upon arrival in Singapore.

As typical of the 2 sleepyheads, they had trouble climbing out of bed, so we left the hostel only about 10am. As checkout time is at 12 noon, we checked out first and left our luggage with the staff.

Having tasted most of the foods we wanted to try in Japan, we went to Akiba straight and went for the curry rice place again. Remember the 2.5kg meal I mentioned? This is a photo of the guys who attempted and succeeded to finish it in under 30 mins, upon which you don't have to pay for the meal. Champion guy is at bottom left, who completed in 5min 25sec. Every minute eat 0.5kg of food?? Awesome...

With time to spare after buying the last of our stuff, we headed into an arcade where Baha-sama played some Blazeblue. Sadly he hardly played 2 rounds as his favourite Jin when he got challenged by a guy using Carl! Quite a close match, luckily is not 1 of those crazy imbal guys we have seen playing. Sadly Baha still lost and we left.

Final stop of a must go in Akiba, we entered a maid cafe!! Actually I dragged the other 2 guys in, as I was determined to get the full Akiba experience. We ordered drinks and snacks and got the full "moe" treatment, lolz. We had to kinda do hand motions and stuff when our drinks were served, lol. Also took a photo which will never be revealed, due to reputation purposes, LOL!

To those interested, we had to pay 500yen per hour each just to be there, and the set which let's you take photos is exp, but the rest was otherwise quite ok by Japan standards.

Retreating from the cafe, we headed back to the hostel to get our luggage, then by recommendation of the hostel staff, took a cab to Ueno station, at 980yen. This was followed by taking the Keisei skyliner at 1,960yen each straight to the airport, arriving at 4.20pm.

Arriving at the airport, we did a quick check-in, then bought some stuff to finish off our money and headed into the plane! Between all 3 of us, we have officially about 300yen only left, lol. So flat but satisfied, we are now on the way home.

And this ends the full DuelingDays Japan experience! It has been a rather long holiday for us, and it's really fun, though amount of money spent gets abit scary when I think back, and starting to miss my own room and PC, heh. I hope you have enjoyed the blog posts done by me and that it felt like you were there with me~ In the meanwhile, no more blog posts anytime soon from me, (time for Baha to do some work), and I'm signing off to relax on the plane, zzzz....


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