Friday, February 19, 2010

Major playstyle change: Smashing Ground

Smashing Ground was restricted to 1 on Sept 07.

Before the restriction, summoning big monster is not worth it unless they are monarchs because the joke of using smashing ground on your monster that you use so much effort to summon is everywhere.

"lol you take so much effort to summon and I just use one smashing ground to kill it!"
Ok fine, I started that joke. It was around that time when D Hero decks are everywhere. It was also the awesome time of 3 Airmans and Gadgets. It became a problem lol.

After the restriction, suddenly every deck can afford to summon the so called "Boss" monsters because seriously, they cannot be killed unless you summon your own boss monster or have some form of pro removal such as Icarus Attack.

For the past meta, cards that cannot be destroyed by battle such as Armored Master and Colossal Fighter is pro coz obviously there is a lack of monster removal. Well this time round with the return of Smashing Ground, things are reverting back to the past.


Me 3 weeks ago: God damn Machiner Fortress is god like and imba because I have to lose an additional card to remove it. Ok I was playing a monster heavy deck =(

Me now: Now I put 3 smashing ground and GG Machiner Fortress woot!!


See how its totally awesome now? Things that you thought was bloody hard to kill is now a piece of cake.

You will now look at monsters differently.

For example, Absolute Zero. Before Smashing Ground, you will think that it is super crazy good card (still is) because it provides the much needed monster removal and plus it is considered a boss monster because your opponent will have a hard time removing it without losing too many cards of his own.

Now, you can just smash that Zero without going through all that thoughts on how to destroy Zero without losing too much resources.

Example two! Camellia Princess Tytannial! It is crazy good because trying to kill it without at least spending more than 1 card is rare.

Yes, Smashing Ground totally destroys that. Ask Jeryl, he will tell you how awesome I am with my Top deck of one lone copy of Smashing ground.


Sure there are Book of Moons and stuff like that to divert the Smashing ground, but most of the time it is to your advantage.

Smashing Ground also solves that super overkill DD Eatos Big monster problems.

Meta deck = deck with 3 Smashing Ground, true story.

Ok I lied, it is still a BF or GB format that rely mostly on beatdown and earning cards through battle.

Told you Konami loves beatdown decks.

PS: I've been getting a lot of msn invites recently and some of them ask me about my opinion on the new list.

Mr A: So what do you think will be the top deck for the current format?
Me: Smashing Ground format.


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