Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banlist after thoughts

Ok I think it is pretty safe to start talking about the banlist considering more pictures have surfaced.

To the people who are still in denial about the banlist, lol@you! Move on!

I must say, this time round its very chaotic with tons of fake list online and all the trolling. But it is finally over and we can now move on with the new list. Konami obviously have to do something about the current top tier decks otherwise their new theme cards are never gonna make it.

Ok moving on...

Lightlord Summoner Lumina -> to 1
Honest -> to 2
Necro Guardna -> to 1
Chaos Sorceror -> to 1
Reinforcement of Light -> to 1
Foolish Burial -> to 1

Very very much dead. It's true, Lumina is the true culprit in all this milling awesomeness. And Reinforcement of Light of course.

Necroface -> to 1 (lol Clarence)
Tragoedia -> to 1
Mezuki -> to 1
Burial from DD -> to 1
Allure of Darkness -> to 1
Foolish Burial -> to 1

The deck known as Undead Lord/Twilight/Zombiesworn/wateverYouLikeToCallIt is dead.

[Black Feather/Grave BF]
Allure of Darkness -> to 1
Black Whirldwind -> to 2
Burial From DD -> to 1

Not really affected except the grave variant. The whirlwind variant is slower but should still be competitive, plus you can lie to yourself with pride by saying BF Treasure will replace Allure lol.

[Black Knight Dark]
Necro Guardna -> to 1
Tragoedia -> to 1

Now I can't steal monster as much and I'm sad. =(

Dandelion -> 2
Yomi Frog -> 2
Cyber Dragon -> 2

Combine that with the already pro Battle Fader and the absence of Crush Card. Now you can clog your hand with 9 monarchs and not die a terrible death. Probably.

Mind Crush -> back to 1

Did you see anyone use Mind Crush to an unholy level lately? Or people are randomly calling things out in a MGS deck lol. Reminds me of the Dark World Chaos days where ppl call Gorz (or random stuff like Blue Eyes) to summon free Gold/Silver.

Banlist can be found below this post.

Lazy ppl click here.


[The next deck to play?]

For the competitive players, they will most likely play BF or GB.

Side decks will probably still contain as much M/T destruction due to the new anti GB side deck and of course to destroy those Whirlwinds.

Or random angry Beatdown decks with 2 Cydra and 3 smashing ground like the (アサイカリゴーズ) AssCyCaliGorz-xxx days (thats DD Assailant/Cyber Dragon/Death Calibur/Gorz beatdown deck). Yes that was what it was called back then in Japan lol.

And of course the hype about Infernity and Core Chimairs...

I'm more interested with all the Thunder monsters and support we are having here. They still suck, but who knows lol.


What is more sexy than a deck that summons 3 Trishula in one turn?

A deck that summons Trishula 5 times in one turn of course!!


  1. Infernities are the explanation to the limit of Mind Crush.

  2. I'd like to mind crush that Infernity Gun pls.