Friday, January 8, 2010

Random rant

Starlight road prawn mee is closed!

And Im starting to feel old siah...

Went there yesterday, and its down for renovation until 15th Jan. Guess I have to go back only after that... Those who know me personally will know, I will only have chance for another month or so to go there regularly for food, so...

And why am I starting to feel old? There's this group of old players like me, who have been here since like, since this game was ever in Singapore. I even have Bandai version of the card game before Konami lor! Its been like, 12 years already, counting Bandai days, and 10 counting Konami where I started from Magic Ruler, which is the first Series 2 pack. (Days where we follow Yugi and Cyclone can counter all m/t when you chain, cool stuff) And now there's info of a Series 7 coming soon! Guess Im an old dude who still likes Machines, woot~

Some of the notable Bandai cards which I still have:
Magical Silk Hats
Monster Reborn
Demon Summon (The cool red color version like the early comic)
Blue Eyes White Dragon linked by the crazy red chain (4 cards into 1)
Lightning, Water, Wind gate guardians


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