Thursday, January 14, 2010

The lesser used cards in Machiners SD!

Hi everyone, heres a promotion thread again for the Machiners SD, LOL. Didnt have much idea on what to post, so decided to do a quick card tips post on Machiners Frontline and Scrap Recycler!

Machiners Frontline:
For an active use of this card, you will of course require machines of the same type. And of course, as per the card text, the next machine has to be smaller attack, excluding similar attack. Furthermore, Machiner Frontline checks the grave, making Creature Swap and Fusilier Dragon extremely useful with it. Machines generally come in 3 big types for you to choose from. Earth, Light, and Dark.

Earth Machines!
Most of the machines are actually found here, and considering the recent Machiners series which are also all earth, there is quite alot of potential to be found here. Note to insert card gunner into all the below series, LOL

Roids - Armoroid, Steamroid (Most often killed by battle due to its effect), Drillroid, Truckroid, Expressroid
Tips: Good with Machiners combi, look at my AFE deck for ideas!

Antique Gear - Basically all the antique gears that can be sp summoned
Tips: Good combi, though AG monsters are usually too big to get killed by battle easily

Deformers- Radiocassette, Bodon, Mobilephone
Tips: Not bad, since deformer monsters are small enough to die from battle. Furthermore the most important deformer is the smallest Mobilephone for further summoning

Gadgets - Gadget set, Scrap Recycler, Startup Soldier
Tips: Works well with Machiners themselves, where the aim is to either call out Scrap Recycler to reuse Gadgets, or call out Startup Soldier (0 attack!). Really cool when people kill your gadgets, and you summon a startup soldier, just for you to summon another gadget next turn. Pretty cute stuff, and a deck on it coming soon from me.

Light Machines!
There is 2 main options available here...

Aeroplanes: Cyber Dragon, T45, Lord British, Victory Viper, Falchion Beta, Jade Knight
Extra stars: Genex Neutron, Hyper Synchron, Road Synchron, Cyber Vary
Tips: You can basically get your aeroplanes smaller and smaller, and finally into cyber vary, to remove the tokens generated to draw more cards for advantage. If not, call out Hyper/Road synchron for synchro access, with Genex Neutron to search. Combine with Rivalry of Warlods coolness

VWXYZ: The same VWXYZ monsters themselves, Cyber Vary
Tips: This will probably end up as the same deck as a normal VWXYZ, with just splash of the 3 Frontlines and some Cyber Vary. Considering the usual deck will probably play 2~3 Return from DD, Cyber Vary works out well here too.

Dark Machines:
As far as I can see, there is 2 main options to choose here

Big dark machines: Fusilier Dragon, Jinzo, Dimensional Fortress Weapon, Cannon Soldier, Jinzo Returner, Black Bomber
Possible Extra Stars: Revolver Dragon, Blowback Dragon
Tips: Machiners Frontline checks grave attack, so Fusilier Dragon lets you call out any 2700 attack and lesser dark machines. The best option here will be the Jinzo series, where big Jinzo will come out first, while you can call out Jinzo returner should that die, so Jinzo can quickly come out again. Dimensional Fortress stops lightlords, and black bomber gives you Black Rose if required.
Old school guys could probably play revolver and blowback for fusion access, giving more options for Overload fusion with Gatling Dragon

Reactor Series: All the Reactors other then the boss monster
Tips: Fusilier Dragon is the key again here, letting you call out Summon Reactor, then on to the smaller Reactors. Probably will not be as successful, and more for fun deck players.

And finally, after the wall of text on just 1 card, the other lesser used card in the SD! Scrap Recycler! Im just gonna put a cards that they work well with kinda deck.

Machiners deck: Throw in Machiners Fortress, recycle Gearframes, etc
Jinzo deck: Either throw in the big daddy, or the small kid. Kinda an extra Armageddon knight
Tunningware synchros: Throw in bolt hedgehog, tunningware for revivals, etc
Gadgets: Not for the throwing, but for recycling gadgets while drawing cards. Much easier to use then Avarice considering you only need 2 to draw 1 card.
Deformers: Put in mobilephone for junk box and Kinka-Byo

Alright everyone, I hope you have enjoyed the wall of texts here, and that hopefully you can get some ideas on decks which you can build with the above ideas. Till the next time, chaosu~

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  1. Sounds good! I can picture Scrap recycler having a lot of potential!