Sunday, December 6, 2009

Khatib Tourney @ 5/12/09

Deck Used: Junk Blade (no not the lousy Junk Blader)

Click below for full results

Match 1: GB
Round 1: Scrub
Round 2: Retiari removed my phoenix blade, Scrub.

Match 2: Lord Vayu
Round 1: Dirty self touching
Round 2: Rushed by Damudo, Arms wing, Lyla and Luminas
Round 3: Self touched on the first turn.

Match 3: DD Eatos (i think)
Round 1: He used solemn on DDR, so I took half the effort to do the explosion. Junk Collector is not affected by Skill Drain, true story.
Round 2: Drew 3 DDR, 2 Hand Destruction which I can't even use cos he had D Fissure.
Round 3: More first turn self touching.

Match 4: Lightlord
Round 1: Touched self on first turn
Round 2: Touched myself for a long time till I drew 3 explosion. I was about to set them all then I realise his set card might be decree. I touched myself somemore and summon Kreis and destroys his set card. It really was Decree.

Match 5: Lightlord (Samuel is a dirty cheater! lol j/k)
Round 1: cant remember, should be the charge and the wulf again.
Round 2: First turn touching.
Round 3: Samuel got angry and touched himself into a wulf and 2 Judgment on the field. Scrub!

For summary, you can refer to the video below. Courtesy of Neuxcharge and apologies to him for having him watch me touch myself and recording it on camera plus putting it online.

You can hear colin screaming at the background.


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