Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zwei fun deck!

Alright people. Managed to steal some Zwei so I took it and formed a deck to play with while Im still waiting for my SD to come. (Lots of cool stuff to think of before that, heh). So first up, here's the deck list!

Monsters (22):
[2] Cyber Eltanin
[3] Tragodia
[1] Cyber Dragon
[3] Cyber Dragon Zwei
[1] Proto Cyber Dragon
[3] Blue Thunder-T45
[3] Honest
[2] Fusion Hex Stone - Light
[2] Shine Angel
[1] Critter
[1] Zombie Carrier

[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[3] Evolution Burst (Never draw today at all, god damnit!)
[2] Power Bond (Had chances to do, but never draw evolution burst to clear trap = fail)
[1] Brain Control
[1] Limit Break
[2] Enemy Controller

[1] God Declaration
[1] Cry of Living Dead
[3] DNA Surgery
[1] Trap Dustshoot

So kinda the deck I used quite a few years ago, but with a few new twists which really makes it a cyber light deck, rather then the current aeroplane decks.

Evolution Burst (Supposed to be strong tech card, but no draw = fail) is a cool addition, summon zwei, evolution burst to clear traps, then power bond/chimeratech fortress, etc nice combos.

Also zwei makes a nice replacement for proto for 2 reasons.
1. When attacking becomes 1800, so can attack over the usual smaller crap.
2. Achieves above yet still summonable by shine angel. Only sad part is suseptible to bottomless so no choice.
3. Grave name is cydra. Not currently, but next version will have overload inside. You have been warned!

For those who are not so familiar with this deck and the combos, heres some ideas for you on what it can do.
1. DNA surgery change all field to machine class + any cyber dragon (fake or not) makes for nice Chimeratech fortress (Advantage minimum +1 by clearing opponent monster)
2. Shine angel calls zwei/hex stone, whichever you are short of. Then summon the counter part next turn to call out cyber twin dragon
3. And of course, powerbond is cool stunt. Just that today faced too many last boss deck (Cosmos + lots of traps) = have to do stunt carefully.

Ok, will end off here for now. This is really just beta 1, and quite pleased results turned out not bad. Will have beta 2 up for next week, woot~


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