Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Randomness Part 14324 Section 2

Woohoo~ My exams are over! Left ONE last subject for the next semester, plus changing job next week, last day of current job comes in 3 days! Why is this important to you? I dont care!!! (After all, this post title is named Randomness, LOLz)

Anywayz, seriously, why the above is important and related to baha's post below? Basically my previous job was a confirm work Mondays to Saturdays full day, with alternate Sundays working job. Combine with my part time degree (Ok lah, im not really that ONz a student but still...), seriously had not had much time to even play deck, needless to say be udpated on YGO, or especially post much on the blog!

But its all over, and Im back! Get ready for more Machine madness, coming up~


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