Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Fiend Roar Deity Love: God Cat Attack

In reference to God Bird Attack (Icarus Attack) obviously.

Fiend Roar Deity Cashi
Effect: When this card is discarded from the hand to grave, destroy one face up card on the field.

Before I start, it would be good to know that most of their effect are compulsary thus unable to miss timing which means using them as a discard cost will also trigger the effect. Please do not confuse this with "sending to grave" effects such as Zombie Master and Hand Destruction.

Note: Cashi effect will trigger after the chain resolution and starts a new chain instead of adding on to the card that discards it.

With Thunder Break -> God Cat Attack
With Kushano in grave -> Free Destruction ( I really mean Free!)
With Lumina -> destroy one card and special summon a card, yes pls!
And many more creative examples.

It also helps with the Oppression/Skill Drain problem that MGS deck (or any other synchro based deck) have.

Now for the down side.

Compulsary effect means you have to destroy something even if you opponent doesn't have any face up card and this will lead to destruction of your own cards which is usually a bad bad thing. Book of Moon comes into mind. Creative thinking and a little twisting of ruling will help in your favor. True story.

Overall, this cat deserves a lot of love!


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