Friday, October 9, 2009

Crazy deck idea? (Beta 1 & final)

Hello everybody, back to my crazy deck idea next and final version. Why final version? I guess im just satisfied with playing the few themes which I always thought I wanted to try, so its back to something more main theme for me. (No more going to tourneys and throwing $5 to organizers with weird decks, LOL)

So basically, its takes the previous deck idea of combining illusion summoner with antique gear in the same deck, and bringing it up 1 step further by adding draw components, etc. Since I wanted to draw cards faster, yet not lose out on advantage, the crazy combination came in... Ojyama! (Idea from Jeff's sms of some deck he found online) Always wanted to test how the Ojyama draw engine would work anyway, so here it is! Hi Rauzes, added in some junk in the deck with inspiration from you too, lol.

And yes, the deck only has TWO machine monsters. However, since the kill condition here mainly uses them and seldom anything else, well, still somewhat considered a machine deck?

Antique Gear Dragon * 2
Tragodia * 3
Ojyama Yellow * 2
Ojyama Green * 2
Ojyama Black * 2
Zombie Carrier
Illusion Summoner * 2
Snipe Hunter
Junk Synchron * 2

Big Storm
Brain Control
Limit Break
Gear City * 3
Ojya-magic * 3
Avarice * 2
Hand Destruction
Hand Severing * 3

Magical Silk Hat * 2
Phoenix Wing Blast * 2 (Really wanted thunder break, but cant find them so...)
God Declaration

Draw Engine:
For those who dont know, basically you hope to draw ojya-magic in hand, throw away for some effect, get 3 cards, then hand d/severing them, draw big hand for combos. So the idea here was to throw away some of the other combos such as FF, black bomber for speed of drawing, plus better synchro options then 7 star...

New added combos:
- When tragodia attacks, just chain some hand severing madness to add big hand for big attacks
- Junk synchro easy revival of ojyamas which you throw to grave anyway, rauzes happiness
*HIDDEN CRAZY COMBO* When tragodia is out, use first effect to make it a 2 star, summon junk synchro into junk warrior. With this deck, easy 5k monster on field?? Happened a few times in my short 2 days testing period so not crazy luck, thanks yah.

Well, Ojyama draw engine as I expected, not that stable, but at least finally tried it out. Adding 3 buttocks to hand from deck is fun. Having FOUR buttocks out of SIX staring at you in beginning hand is not fun! Also, abit tired of having to protect illusion summoner, so time to go back to some DS madness! Next up? DS machine edition of twilight decks!

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