Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frog Deck Video

Yes I'm aware that the deck is not playable anymore but it is interesting to watch.

The following is a video of Mikage (Jack's secretary or some sort) with her LV 1 deck in game.

She is touching herself to the thought of Atlas sama!



Mikage feels like the real last boss. Those who played the Carly story line final chapter will know what I'm talking about!

First try: I was leading and She destiny draw, I was expecting a Monster Reborn like every other Computer but.... DARK ARMED APPEARED! I died...
Second try: She Dark Dive + DAD me, nice!
Third try: Some Brionac + Goyo field domination. Obviously Carly can't do nuts with her Fortune "yellow-skinned" Ladies.

So after about 5 tries, she finally got a bad hand and finally defeated her. Dark Synchro is imba orz


After the above I decided to make Mikage my partner!

Her deck is rubbish! Moke Moke? orz

And the first chapter was difficult as hell too. Opponent was playing some sort of Metabeat. Raiou? Death calibur? HONEST???

Some CPU decks are very angry.


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