Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy deck idea? (Beta 0)

Hello everyone, finally posting again! Anywayz, as some of the closer friends may know, I just tendered yesterday and gave me 1 month notice, so I should be free to play and post more in 1 month! 3 cheers to the blogger! Currently typing this while im off on holiday in Malaysia as well, so cool stuff!

Anyway, gonna post on a deck which I build previously. Its Beta 0 because the draw is abit erratic, but once I get the right cards, combos are great! Deck list as follows:

Antique Gear Golem * 2
Antique Gear Dragon * 2
Cyber Dragon
Snipe Hunter
Illusion Summoner * 3
Dimensional Fortress Weapon * 3
Black Bomber * 2
Dark Armed Dragon
Zombie Carrier
Card Gunner

Big Freeze
Big Storm
Brain Control
Allure * 2
Gear City * 3
Future Fusion
Enemy Controller * 2
Limit Break

God Declaration (OMG, DS play this card??)
Cry of Living Dead
Trap Dustshoot
Magical Silk Hat * 2
Bottomless Traphole * 2

Deck Idea:
Ok, best combo is something like, start off with illusion summoner + silk hat. When opp attack, open silk hat, assume normal yugi luck, opp will just hit gear city. Next turn, set some other monster, open summoner and summon out Antique Gear Ultimate Golem! Crazy hit for the win.

Various variety to combo:
-Summon counter trapman with illusion summoner
-Future Fusion calls out antique gear ultimate as well
-Even if ultimate golemn dies end phase from summoner effect, summon normal golemn if in grave
-Usual Black bomber calls out black rose, and destroy gear city. Even if you destroy FF, ALSO have antique gear golemn come out

Etc, etc. Many other combos present in the deck which not yet mentioned, just for you to explore yourself. However, with DS god luck after getting associated with baha, drawing 2 illusion summoner + 2 silk hat is not very good... Especially when your opp is Sam who is first person after silk hat already, hit correctly summoner in 1 try... (Summoner eats gear city, gear city = crap. No golemn in grave, call out ultimate golemn also crap. So end phase only left 1 dragon which gets tidal wave... Sam too strong)

Also, I think Im getting a sign to not play trap dustshoot, joined a tourney, for like 10+ rounds did not even draw it once... Its a sign! DS must never play slow control cards, only rush like mad! Anyway... next up? Crazy Beta 1 version of the deck! Soon to be seen this Monday, with proxy of the new demon roar tuner, LOL. I building beta 1 just nice this card appear.. PERFECT! Meanwhile... Gonna just sleep in Malaysia, Truely Asia...


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