Sunday, August 23, 2009

Latest Machine post~

Hello guys, promised that I will give a post on the latest machine promo so here it is! First the effect..

Cyber Eltanin (サイバー・エルタニン)
This card cannot be Normal Summoned. This card cannot be special summon outside of by removing all Light Attribute/Machine Type monster from your field and your Graveyard from the game. This card's attack and defense strength is equal to number of monsters removed from game when this card is special summoned x500. When this card is successfully special summoned, send all face-up monsters on the field outside of this card to Graveyard.

So whats so interesting about this card? Well it uses light machine as fodder so the usual suspects such as Cydra, Lord british / viper, T45 come to mind. The more unusual ones are Hyper synchron, Genex Neutron, maybe even cyber vary, and tuning supporter for those are still playing that deck.

Personally tested out the card yesterday, and I think it is pretty safe to say... 80% of the time your cyber eltanin will only be a 500atk/def small fry. My deck had a total of 8 light machines when I tested it out yesterday, but either I didnt draw cyber eltanin, or had only 1 light machine, so rather sad. 1 good thing about this card is once you get the first light machine in the grave, its easy to use even if you somehow have baha's god luck of drawing all 3 copies.

SO, combos for the card? Tried a few ideas yesterday including stuff like...

1. Cyber Eltanin + Calculator = Clear field + 3600 atk calculator. If your hand has honest, cyber eltanin can put attack mode dont care also. Why worry about traps? If played properly, your cyber eltanin usually earns you 1/2 cards easy.

2. Cyber Eltanin + Illusion Summoner = Clear field + Cyber Twin / any fusion monster! Well, this is the weird combo i tried out yesterday. Just cover illusion summoner, protect it with some threatening roar / enemy controller etc. Next turn time for some fun!

3. Cyber Eltanin + Return from DD = Clear field + monster swarm. Well, at least thats the idea, but as I like to play speed decks, as earlier mentioned, in early turns you will only remove 1 monster, so not much point. Or at least usually not much. Yesterday I 1st turn let opp kill my face up lord british though I had honest. Next turn summo Eltanin, hurricane and chain return from dd for lord british, normal summon calculator + honest in hand = extreme pain!

However, thats quite the extent of things at the moment. End point is, there isnt really that many light machines to play with at the moment. Hyper Synchron / Genex Neutron / Reflect bounder are some of the other good ones if you just play beatdown, but compared to a pure light beatdown with rai-ou and stuff, its just not as strong at the moment. (Not to mention my conflicting ideas of keeping illusion summoner alive versus clear field advantage with Eltanin made me keep thinking to use my traps or not, LOL) The only other obvious idea to think of will be using XYZ, just that I dont like it, cause it tends to be much slower and as usual i like speed decks. Anybody interested to be the next tester?


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