Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The days without Dark Dive

Very slow!

These are random thoughts after the banlist. I am aware that it is not September yet but I just like to change early. Plus I rarely join tournaments, so it's all casual =)


Looks like control decks will be dominating this time round. You can stall all day and have no fear of getting random deaths by Dark Dive anymore. We are back to the age of "The unkillable 100 LP left". It's true, 100 LP is bloody hard to kill unless you are running Caius (or some other burn).

The only explosive deck remaining is Lightlords with double Judgement or anything of that sort. Makes you wonder why Judgement is at 2 when all the field clearing thing is now left at one (aside from Norelas!)


In other news!

People have "If it is not 3 I will not play it!" syndrome.

- One. Nobody cares
- Two. Randomly splashed
- Three. "Yes I am so gonna play 3 now because I can!"

@Destiny Draw
- Two. Rarely Played.
- Three. "zOmg time for a D Hero deck!!"

@Baboon (After errata)
- Two. Rubbish.
- Three. Rubbish.

- One. *insert bottomless traphole jokes here*
- Three. Hell yes!

DD Warrior Lady, Breaker and Fissure on the other hand is quite crazy. Please respect Konami's wishes and play 3 of each in your decks! We will probably see them back in the list next year.


Call of the Haunted is a skill card! Ok not exactly skill, but you can do alot of fancy moves with it.

Random examples from real life experience.
- Calling Raiou in response of Searcher activation (Reinforcement and family, people releasing/bombing their own Sangan etc)
- Calling Honest, bouncing itself back, followed by a Hurricane so that you can do it again.
- Calling Airman at the end phase with another Hero on the field to destroy that freshly set M/T.
- Calling Ocean at the end of your opponent turn so you could take back your beloved Airman
- Summoning Airman and declaring M/T destruction when it is obviously alone on the field to confuse your opponent. (I pulled this off in an official tournament and my blur opponent had to call the judge to verify what the hell I was doing)

Funny story btw. I asked if he wished to chain anything to my Summon effect (destroying m/t), and he didn't thinking that maybe I was retarded probably. I chained and called back Dash Guy successfully and he attempted to use Bottomless in response to Dash Guy hitting the field which I told him not possible to do since it was in the middle of a chain resolution (Call and there is still Airman effect in queue) and is too late to activate. So obviously I bombed his other set card and won from attacking with both =(

I did not cheat! I asked specifically! Obviously I am not gonna allow him to rewind plus the judge was still there witnessing >=D

Ok I'm sorry with the Airman love examples! It kinda reflects what deck I spend most of my time with...

WTB new deck idea!


Anyone else remember the days where there were 3 Crush Card running alongside 3 Dark Scorpion Minee? Coincidentally, it was in the same list containing 3 Torrential Tribute.You can be sure nothing big and powerful hits the field. I think everyone was running Gadgets. So what made Crush Card enter the list in the first place!

And that concludes random post of the day.


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