Monday, August 31, 2009

@Charge of Light Brigade/Reinforcement of Light

Available soon in OCG!

Maybe one of the reason why poor Reinforcement of the Army never made it out of the restriction list.

This is easily splashable into 2 next deck to beat. Lightlords aside, Undead Synchro and Vayu Synchro is very friendly with this. (Or a cool deck with all 3 inside)

Pulling Laila, Raikou and even Ehren to kick your opponent's Goblin/Tomato is cool. Hope you mill your Necro Guardna too =D

TCG never get to use it this way since Undead Synchro minus Brionac is not that cool, and Vayu just got released in TCG.

Or actually you can place it into anything with 3 Avarice! Just imagine having 3 Pot of Greed yah? Add Transmigration Prophecy/転生の予言 for more profit.

Top decks at the moment: Anything Grave related and DD GB to F all of that up.


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