Saturday, August 15, 2009

Banned and Restriction List [01/09/09]

Ok here it is, fresh from the oven.

新禁止解除 Unbanned
《リビングデットの呼び声》 Call of the Haunted
Well With Reborn in, why not. I can see it now.
A: "I Activate Charge of Light Brigade!"
B: "I chain Call to summon Raiou from the grave!" *Insert red man picture*

・新禁止 Banned
《生還の宝札》 Card of Safe Return
《ダーク・ダイブ・ボンバー 》 Dark Dive Bomber
《死者蘇生》 Monster Reborn
《死のデッキ破壊ウイルス》 Crush Card Virus

Looks like Konami doesn't give chance this time round haha.
There goes my Level Stealer Draw hax.
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・新制限 New Restrict
《終焉の王デミス》 King of the End Demise
《メンタルマスター》 Mental Master
《レスキューキャット》 Rescue Cat
《精神操作》 Mind Control
《BF-疾風のゲイル》 BF Gale of the Hurricane
《ワン・フォー・ワン》 One for One
《神の宣告》 Solemn Judgement
《召喚僧サモンプリースト》 Summon Priest
《大寒波》 Cold Wave
《ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン》 Black Rose Dragon
《リビングデットの呼び声》 Call of the Haunted

No more Cat decks, ok maybe random 1 Splash into Gladiator Beasts, but otherwise, it wont be having it's own deck anymore.

・新準制限 New Semi Restricted
《奈落の落とし穴》 Bottomless Traphole
《氷結界の虎王ドゥローレン》 King Tiger of the Ice Boundary Dewloren
《ローンファイア・ブロッサム 》 Lone Fire Blossom
《カオス・ソーサラー》 Chaos Sorceror
《馬頭鬼》 Mezuki

To the Lonefire Fan Club: I told you so!

・新解除 Removed from List.
《風帝ライザー》 Wind Monarch Raiza
《デステニー・ドロー》 Destiny Draw
《地割れ》 Fissure
《魔導戦士ブレイカー》 Magical Warrior Breaker
《森の番人グリーン・バブーン》 Forest Guardian Green Baboon
《異次元の女戦士》 DD Warrior Lady

Did Breaker get reprinted somewhere?? I need to put 3! Non Common of course.

Decks to Expect:

Yah what else do you expect.


None of their cards are touched, and they even added an extra Mezuki for you for those playing Undeadlord variety.

BF (with 1 Gale and no Dark Dive)

Now this is Gadget part 2. Search and Beat. Good thing is, you don't die from Dark Dive on the very first turn. What will happen to the black birds!

Light Beat

Three Honest still around. Lord British and Viper and around. Three Warrior Ladies are back. Pfft, just put them all in and randomly beat, there is less Bottomless to worry too.

Grave BF

Untouched in any way.

Ok I shall continue later, I really need to go to work o.o
I Shall go steal a picture too later.


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