Saturday, January 10, 2009

Damage Report

Latest Update:

Fuck yeah finally ONE foil Brionac lol. NO MORE OPENING OF GOLD SERIES FOR ME!!!!!!

1) I am extremely unlucky OR
2) something is wrong with the shipment to funz.

Total of me plus steven, we opened like about 10 boxes and 0 Brionac. YES ZERO! Not even a freaking common one. The god of luck has forsaken us!!!!!!! orz

In order to gain the favor of the Duel Monster god of luck (and to express my extreme anger) I have decided to burn one Watapon for each day till someone who pity the watapons burning in flames gives me one Brionac (or sell me one)!

Youtube video will be put up soon!

So total damage for today

2 Honest
3 Jinzo
6 Cyber Dragons
5 Critter
4 Raiza
4 Exodia
4 Watapon
3 Marshmalon
2 Dandelion

7 Heavy Storm
4 Monster Reborn
4 Sealing Sword of Light
3 Cyclone
3 Scapegoat

3 Bottomless Traphole
5 Mirror Force
6 Torrential Tribute
8 Royal Palace
8 Deck Destruction Virus of Death

Picture of a bankrupt person.

PS: I am Buying ALL Japanese Gold Rare Deck Destruction Virus aka Crush Card Virus at 2-3 dollars each. I have recently started a hobby of collecting one card infinitely. At first I thought it would be Brionac but fuck konami for printing so little of it. And if you feel you need anything from above I will trade you for it except Bottomless and Dandelion! And obviously not the DDV duh!

- Short of money? Sell your DDV now!
- Too many DDV at home collecting dust? Sell it to me!
- Just plain bored? Sell the freaking DDV to me!
- Don't want to see anymore burning Watapon? Sell your DDV to save them! Every DDV could save the lives of an innocent Watapon =)

Please feel free to drop by Funz Centre and pass me the card. Or you can entertain me by buying a few packs and sell to me on the spot lol.

So please come and help me collect like a shoe box of it. Your contribution is appreciated. This is serious business!

Side Story: I counted and I have 15 common watapons! Looks like it's gonna be sad day for the Watapons for the next 15 days!!!! And if you are amused by the sight of flaming cardboards, please donate your watapons too thx.

Side Story 2: For those old DMC members who know who shadow is, he came to Funz yesterday. I asked him to pick a box followed by picking a pack, and ta dah, common brionac. Shadow power still is imba!


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