Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Absolute Zero: Absolutely Strong!?

Yes I cannot believe I have an article on any E Heroes besides Airman. No offense intended.

8 Star
[Hero] Named Monster + Water Type Monster
This card cannot be special summoned except by Fusion Summon.
The attack power of this card is increased x 500 for each face up Water Type Monster on the field Except [E.Hero Absolute Zero].
When this card leaves the field, destroy all monster on opponent's field.

This card is like super easy to summon? One HERO + Water Type monster. Elemental, Destiny and Evil heroes. Feel free to pick any. Water type, just get some overpowered one that won't live long. Cards like Yomi Ship and Crystal Seer comes into mind =/ And there's this thing called Miracle Fusion. Turning Miracle Fusion into Thunderbolt aka Raigeki is great =D

You can ignore the effect where it powers up cos I think it will only be abused for the next effect.

Why is it overpowered? This effect is not those effects where it has to be "... sent to grave" or "...destroyed by battle" etc. All it needs is to leave the field. Meaning, it can be abused by cards that you thought were retarded like Interdimensional Transporter Device. Or you can just simply ram it into Dark Armed Dragon and see it blow up opponent's field. Better still, shoot it over with Dark Dive Bomber for cool effects. The point is, something will definitely die even if you attack blindly.

Retarded things to do when you are bored. Use Super Fusion on Airman and opponent's Brionac!!

Opponent can't steal it with Goyou and removing it with Brionac or Dark End won't do any good. Of course the ever-so-imba Stardust stops it but hey, I'm sure any good deck builder will find ways to prevent Stardust from hitting the field. I was gonna say use cards like Phoenix Wind Blast or Evacuation Device but theres Buster Mode but that would be for the next article. =P

The only problem is... It's a Fusion Monster and it takes up precious space in the Extra deck!

PS: Stardust Buster is fun to play with. How to find money to buy 3...



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