Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Countdown to the Crossroad!

Nothing to post this few days, nothing huge going on. Hopefully there will be some interesting decks from Taiwan and HK qualifiers.

Yeah it's still early, but well who knows Singapore might just get it early again. Estimated in two weeks time. Plus 70/80 of the cards are already revealed.

The cards to get:

Black Rose Dragon
Best (and only?) 7 star syncro so far. Yes Nitro Warrior is shit, I'm just gonna keep saying this over and over again.

Zombie Carrier
The next best tuner since Clevonse. Self revival is pretty gay.

Botanity Girl
Plant Searcher, never bad. But I don't know how good will plant be. Especially with so many Special summon hate that every one is packing. Too bad it can't search Botanical Leo.

Jade Knight
Some Victory Viper Love? lol Yeah I know I just mentioned this because it's a support card lol.

Village of Spellcasters
Easy to use and it locks magic. Nothing can be more noobish.

Urgent Tuning
Should be useful to push that last bit of damage. Or you can just do crazy shit with X saber Arbelun now. Drop hand not enough still wanna beat more life point.

Cards to throw when you get it from your pack/box.

Death Kaiser Dragon
Nope it is not strong at all thanks. Goyou Guardian/Brionac is the best 6 star synchro ever created.

Ressurected Dark Ruler Hades
As above.

Turbo Warrior
Refer to above again.

I think I just shot down all the remaining Ultra rares in this set. oops =/ I can see it now, my box will contain the above 3 omg!

And also some update from upperdeck website woot.

Continuous Trap Cards with Ignition-Like Effects July 2008
When you activate (flip face-up) a Continuous Trap Card that has an Ignition-like effect, you can choose to activate that effect. The Ignition-like effect does not create an additional Chain Link. You simply state if you will also activate the effect of the Continuous Trap Card at the same time you activate the card itself.

Example 3:
Player A activates “Monster Reborn” and selects a monster in Player B’s Graveyard. Player B can activate “Royal Oppression” and also activate its effect to negate “Monster Reborn.”

Previously Oppresion had to be face up first before activating it's effect during a chain. Good news for me, no more opening in during stand by phase and get shot by stupid bitch Laila. =D


To those ppl at the tagboard. Play nice =)

And yes I have issues with gladial beast. Not that I hate them, I just feel that the deck is very scrub-ish. Very little skills required, well not that Synchro Dark Armed needs a lot of skill either.

If any of you think that Gladial Beast is not strong then yeah I guess if you were thrown into the competitive scene in a non asian region and not get thrashed by Gladial Beast, pls link me your feature match and tell me I'm wrong.


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