Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thoughts on banlist by Dai-Ma-Cy-Ou

Well, quite suprising that I just post my speculations less then 12 hours later the actual one comes out. I didnt expect them till sunday night at least. Not gonna say how right I am or what shit, you guys just go compare and figure. Here are just some thoughts lah.

Confiscate - Weeee, no more for no reason first turn see hand, good reason to rejoice
Theft/D Ring - 2 cards I love, but hey, for Baha thats 2 reasons why they should go
Metamorphesis - Well, Balde is quite sad over this one. IMO, 1 would be enough, but heck, I ain't the one who controls these things

Saint Mag - 2 apprentice, 3 fortune teller and 1 saint mag decks? Hmmm, but 2 genocide so.......
Breaker - This is still a strong card IMO, but there is really near 0 m/t destruction left for normal decks so this comes in i guess.
Disc Guy - Restrict to 1. Does it matter? Hmmm, well, the whole d-hero series got it pretty bad
Card Gunner - NO!!!! Sob, ah well, not totally unexpected. My prediction to 2 more like hope?
Giant Growth - Why you guys associate this with me ah, I havent used 2 in quite awhile i think. Though now that its 1 I will spam in all my decks? LOL
Snipe Hunter - My prediction for dandelion ban was actually for this reason, but I didnt touch snipe as I thought it was 2/3, so.... But guess Konami decided to just heck and take out snipe.
Brain Control - I like this card, but hey, was due to go LONG AGO
Earth Smash/Fissure - I agree with baha. No more jokes on, "Aiyah, 1 Earth Smash also die", but maybe gadget fanatics will use hammer shoot instead? Hmmm
Dust Chute - Weee, even lesser hand d, more otk chances
Prophecy - Well, very few people used it here, now even fewer will use it
Wall of revealing light - Again, similar to prophecy. But I guess it affects Japan side?

Jinzo - Wow! 1 of my wish list came true. Though not totally unexpected. Like I said, not that many traps now to begin with. This probably marks the end of burn decks though
Jar Of Avarice - How many decks using 2 will appear? Dun ask me, dun wanna know.
Genocide - Like I said in the saint mag area, it coming back together is a good move
Diabolic - And like said for disc guy, D hero...... Quite limited with options. I was thinking they would take out d draw, but taking this out, I suspect lesser people will play d draw from here on
Gadget set - Dun think it affects much, with 2 avarice now. Though, I suspect I will see very few gadget decks from here on anyway.
Royal Palace - Sad, my fav side deck card as well. But at least no more getting gayed easily by horus and gladial beast decks?

Assailant - Maybe I will see people who plays 3? Sign of beatdown deck era I guess.
Goblin Management - Good for anyone playing a combo deck, though I dun see it anymore
Protector - Yes, Colin, please play 3. I will love to see it.
DDVM - Well, never knew how it got here in the first place.

Things which they should have touched but never? Frog, Raiza, and LADD. Well, but as for frog, they unrestricted genocide, though not sure if it helps. Lesser theft/brain control for raiza and ladd, and even killed off diabolic for LADD. I will be suprised if anyone still plays diabolic from here on. GORZ! With lesser monster destruction, this thing will fly even higher? Stress.... Plus TES should be back. With 0 metamorph ............... Quite sucks? Though instant fusion will call it easily so they will have to come back/go together

1 thing is we will quite surely see beatdown decks all over. 3 cydra, 3 dck, 3 rai ou, 3 assailant, 2 genocide, breaker, and 2 jinzo? With low count on the monster removal this is probably the deck we will see everywhere. Gadgets are half dead unless anyone really wants to try hammer shoot but....... If fighting the above mentioned deck list gadgets are quite gonners.

OTK decks, hmmm. Well, like most guys know, my decks have been around card gunner and machine dup recently. Guess its time to think of some new ideas, though with the lack of hand control stuff, OTK has less things to worry about. Well, as Baha says, the main deck to think about will be chimera fortress decks. I will probably come up with something soon, look out for it. Dig out those cyber phoenix people. With all the non targetting stuff gone, its time for phoenix to shine. 2 Jinzo sounds fun too!

And finally to those playing MPT with 2 avarice? Good luck to you. The similarly mentioned beatdown deck list as above will give you a good time with the 3 rai ou and dck and 2 genocides giving you a fun time.


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