Monday, July 2, 2007

Trip to the Wild Wild West!

Well ladies and germs. Finally back from my USA trip, as some of you guys have heard. Went there on a business trip but shall not bore you guys on the details of that part. Here's some of the things that happened at a card shop over there. By the way, be warned. This post, is god length, as it quite involves 10 hours of story.

Shop Name: Your Move Games
City: Boston, MA
Location: 3 min walk from Davis Square MRT station

Well, not exactly boston city, but you will be able to see that particular station from there so getting there shouldnt be a problem. I spent half a day walking around Boston city itself, and found a couple of comic shops, but all of them had nothing to do with card players. They recommended me to the shop above mentioned, so I headed over the next day.

I headed there very early at about 10am as there was a shuttle bus available from my hotel to Davis Sq directly, but the shop was closed, (quite obviously), so I left, and toured the city abit more, and returned at about 1pm, where there was nobody around save for the shopkeeper, Darius. Darius is a great guy, and gave me lots of information on the on goings for YGO over in America. He's even a judge for several UDE games as well.

As alot of people know, they just started playing machine duplication over there only for card gunner, so I decided to tell Darius about my other combos for them, such as gunner dragon with meteor bow and duplicate, etc. He got pretty excited, as non of them ever though of such a combo. I was actually quite proud, when he immediately got on MSN, and messaged his friends to tell them about the combo and to help look for the cards so that he could form the deck. LOL, with some luck, you may see one of my machine dup decks in a future top 8? And you noobs dun bother tagging me on this one.

We hit off quite well, and he actually gave me a T-shirt (Chimera Overtech Dragon! Weeee~) when he heard of my interest in getting such items. He also let me get more T shirts as well as a playmat at really good prices. Then to top it off, he gave me some parallel foil promos as gifts.

Well, we talked for quite abit, till about 2+, but still no players came in. Left the shop to go walk around and catch a movie, then finally back again 6+. This time, there were 2 guys there, and we played deck for awhile. The decks were quite the standard ones as in metagame, the dekoichis with monarchs, etc. Then 1 of them started playing with DDT magical explosion. I was playing my Reasoning OTK stuff, so, of course, the expected happened. With half wins, and half losts, purely due to good/bad hands.

After awhile, they had to leave, but luckily another guy arrived. He was quite an interesting character. There were some guys playing Naruto on a PS2 nearby, where they were abit on the rowdy but acceptable side. YS gives me worse stuff anyway. Now this guy was forming his deck, but he got quite irritated I guess. He kept on shouting at them, to keep quiet, at a much louder volume then they were. He was playing this final countdown deck, quite the standard stall version. After a few rounds, he switched to Monarchs as well..... Ok....... Like you guys all know, its kinda boring to play with such decks for me. Even the countdown deck was more interesting? Anyway, as we talked, I found out that he had T shirts at his house, along with more playmats. The playmats he wont sell, though he will show me but yes for the T shirts. I decided to go, since he drove. Before he left though, as the shop was preparing to close, he also shouted to the other guys, trying to get them to clean up the place and stuff.

Along the way, it was quite funny for me. As he went on quite awhile talking about pokemon and the more advanced stuff as he was playing pokemon pearl just before leaving the shop. After going on for half an hour, then he asked me. "You DO know pokemon right?" I was quite amused, and nodded. Well, I did play anyway. Anyway, after a 15 min drive, we reached his place. All his card stuff, save for his T shirts, were all in the boot of his car, and stayed there. Filled with MTG and VS and WOW stuff. Quite a treasure trove, heh.

I got all his T shirts, where he tried to promote me a Ultra Pro haversack which was used, but still in good condition. Well, I personally dislike using haversacks, so I declined. What was funny actually came next. Just as I was about to leave his house, after we had exchanged goodbyes, he suddenly turned back and shouted at me, "Say, do you need any rulings clarified before I go?" I was quite amused by this, as it was after saying good bye. And as some of you guys know, I was actually head judge for a short period of time previously, so didnt quite need any ruling help. As I was thinking, he added on, "I am a level 3 judge, so I can pretty much help with anything?" I declined, internally thinking that we always have discrepencies rulings between UDE and Konami rulings anyway. He then carried on saying, "You SURE? I AM a level 3 JUDGE you know." I was seriously amused by him, as he somehow reminded me of a certain AWOL loving player I know, but I just declined and headed off.

From there on, nothing else card related, so yeah, thats quite about it for my trip.


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