Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship 2007 Singapore (25/03/2007) [Part 1]

Just gonna post a little looking back to start filling this place up =D

The tournament was held at the Concourse. Supposed to meet Jeryl at Lavender MRT first but when I got to the bus stop, the bus just left. And so I had to flag for my favourite transport...

Reached there and grabbed a deck list sheet. As usual, I will start panicking and changing deck on the spot even though Jimmy and me already agreed on the deck list. But well he was also changing decks here and there at last minute lol. Coz of this, I submitted quite late and was assigned to the 2nd round instead which I think was quite lucky, don't have to meet own people. >=D

Finals result are
1st: Jimmy/Destiny RaiDa
2nd: Guodong/Angel Recruiter
3rd: bahamut84/Destiny RaiDa
4th: Eddie/RaiDa
5th-8th: XiaoMei, unknown guy, Alex, Jackie (sorry for not knowing names and spelling blabla)

Congrats all =D

A not-so detailed match report will be posted below.

At the end of the day, me and a group of my friends went to find a bench to open up the booster packs. Mostly crap foils though =/

3D: Cyber Dark Keel, Cyber Esper
UR: Allure Queen LV 7
SR: Cyber Dark Horn, Storm Shooter, Troy Bomb, Water Dragon*
*From EEN from the deluxe SD

Went home with Jeryl, Zech and Alex. They came over for awhile to play KOF XI at my house. I finally beat Alex!

And then they go home, I sleep. =/


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