Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship 2007 Singapore (25/03/2007) [Part 3]

Elimination Round 1: Gadgets (possibly with Overload) [X O O]

1: Quite a horrible hand I have with no monsters at all except for a Frog which I searched via Foolish. Luckily I topped into a Gorz later on which continued to block all the gadgets for abit. But still died from Lightning Vortex.
2: Side in cards to convert to Destiny Beat and I rushed easily with Doom and Creature swap.
3: He started with a Cyber Phoenix and I just camp with Frog. He then summoned Yellow Gadget and hit me. Used Electric worm to take control of Cyber Phoenix and sacrifice summoned RaiDa (at this point in time I can hear claps, thank you thank you lol) Somehow he managed to kill it easy =( Around mid game I didn't wanna rush with both my Reaper and Zaroog fearing that he might top deck into Overload which would spell instant KO. Being in the Elimination round, one must play conservatively =D He top deck Messenger of Peace, I top deck Mobius (even though Zaroog can actually hit anyway) and hit for the game.

Swiss Round 1: DSummon (Gunner Gadgets) [O X O]

1: Argh my worst nightmare!! For some reason, I feel that it is payback and I will lose since I was trashing his beta deck the day before. Maybe the Dueling Gods were watching and wants DS dead. My starting hand was Confiscation, Frog, Foolish Burial and 2 RaiDa. It was an easy and smelly win =D
2: Removed MoBC and rubbish to make way for Electric Worm and more Controllers. But didnt draw any and died.
3: More side decking, this time all the way Destiny Beat lol. Funny thing that happened was him summoning Cypher Scouter. I top decked into Reinforcement, search for Airman and Swap-ed with the Scouter lol. Resulting in nice pain for DS. Well anyways I only remember my finishing move was Controller + Brain Control + lots of monsters everything rushing for an OTK. Cheers! I didn't die!

Swiss Round 2: Unknown (Warrior rush?) [O O]

1: A very nice friendly guy. He started by covering Command Knight. As for me, more bad hands here and there. After much stalling I manage to get my RaiDa out and it was control from there.
2: Only remember he had an attack mode Command Knight and a Wildman and he declared attack with it to my Airman. I opened Mirror Force which killed the Command Knight and Wildman became small and died lol.

Swiss Round 3: Nian Jie (RFG RaiDa and stuff) [O O]

1: Quite nervous fighting him since the last time I played with him, he was removing my Gem Beast here and there. And RFG decks are bad! Bad for me! Can't exactly remember what happened but I won the first round.
2: I got the lead when I summoned MoBC and removed his frog followed by a Mole loop but the magician died shortly leaving my only a frog and the mole lol. later on my Frog also joined the out of game pile and he summoned his RaiDa . With some chaining here and there I managed to get rid of it and won the game. Phew.

Swiss Round 4: Alex (Gadgets) [X O X]

1: Stupid gadgets are owning, cant really stop them and I died.
2: Changed to Destiny Beat again and won with all the rushing. Stupid Alex so evil, side deck Cosmos against me, luckily I changed to Destiny Beat. >=D
3: Bah more bad hand, Only know when I died I had 2 Destiny Draw and I top deck into RaiDa (and it was the only one that I didn't sub out!) orz

Swiss Round 5: Unknown (Burn) [O O]

1: He started by using Hell Fire (burn 1000 and eat 500) Covered 3 cards and Played 2 Motion Wave Cannon (wtf!) Luckily I top decked into Foolish Burial and I threw out Diabolic, used its effect and sacrifice for Mobius destroying both cannons. quite lucky ah... >=D And then next turn I summoned RaiDa. And I won due to a few direct attacks made by Raida. At this point my opponent were cursing a little that he didn't understand the effect of RaiDa. Well he should've asked the judge if he wasnt sure.
2: bla bla bla bla. He had a "Anti-sac Mask" and a face down trap and monster. I used Airman effect and chose the m/t destruction effect even though I had no other HERO in play. I asked if he wanna chain and he went all confused because he thought Airman can destroy something. And then calling of the judges and everything, all I did was ask if he wanna chain. when he doesnt wanna chain, I chained Call which summoned back Dash Guy and by the time dash guy hit play it was too late for him to chain since it was resolution. Destroyed his mask, attacked with both. Sac-ed Raida next turn FTW!

Top 8 Match 1 (Quarter Final): Alex (Gadgets) not again! [X O O]

1: Lost again... bah
2: The same side deck again, and win again haha
3: His gadget rammed into my Zaroog and I dropped his Heavy Storm. He didnt have any defensive cards and I jsut ram all the way with Gorz and 2 Assailant. Yes!! Alex died!!

Top 8 Match 2 (Semi Final): Jimmy (mirror) [X X]

1: He was telling my how he really wanted to go Taiwan and asked me to let him win lol. Even though I said see first, actually want to kill him... But my.... hand.... was.... godly......
2: Subbed to Destiny Beat again, wanted to kill him and then I go to finals instead. Heh, but gods dont allow me and I got another stupid hand... Fated...

Top 8 Match 3 (3rd/4th placing): Eddie (mirror) [O O]

1: Well since its not exactly finals, and it was someone that I know I was quite relaxed le. Lots of talking crap and joking and laughing and scolding of "your mom" here and there through out the match... Cant remember first round.
2: Only remember the long chain. I had RaiDa and he had Spirit Reaper. I started the chain with Reinforcement -> RaiDa effect activate -> Eddie chain Destruction Ring on my RaiDa -> I chain Destruction Ring on Reaper -> He chain DDV sacing away the Reaper. After some long confusing resolution, I special summoned back Dash guy from RaiDa effect and summoned Airman (from reinforcement) Rush rush rush, followed by another RaiDa from me FTW!


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