Friday, March 30, 2007

We got owned!

I'm sure alot of people know that Jimmy cannot represent Singapore and go Taiwan. It seems that his friend in Taiwan went to "harass" Konami of HK, Japan, Taiwan and even Korea I heard...

I think it's very nice of his friend to actually fight for him. Even post in forums and stuff. Such as this. But guess what happened in the end.

Jimmy got banned from all the Asian tournaments LOL. (I'm not sure how long)

I think this is the first time this has ever happened. And following that, JJ has banned all foreigners to play in their major tourneys, such as the *coming big tournament to represent Singapore for the World Championship 2007. Of course it doesn't affect JJ much since the only one affected is probably me now that Jimmy is banned lol.

So unfair! Oh well, means I wont be able to play in major tourney till next year when I finish my studies, get a job and get a PR status. Maybe I should start volunteering as judge and screwing people up >=D

*By coming I meant like few more months, maybe like mid year or something blablabla. Do not spread that I'm the one who said it.


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