Sunday, June 22, 2008

Looking back for World Qualifier!

Here are the looking back for today's tournament! I can't remember everything so I'm just gonna write the memorable moments =)

Round 1 Vs Lightlords XX

Ok so I got raped for this match. Totally cannot hit through with so many Threatening Roars and Necro Guardna. And maybe I haven't wake up, never side my Royal Decree and Dust Tornadoes. Next round, got raped by 3 Judgement. GG

Round 2 Vs Counter Fairies XOO

At first I thought what deck it was since he set so many cards. Lost the first round due to Malicious Edge. I only had 63 lifepoints left after some crazy solemn here and there. Won the second with rush, and won the third due to time out!

Round 3 Vs Cosmos Emperor(?) OO

Victory Viper with Honest hit into Gaius and ram with the token =D Used Solemn Judgement and Viper effect to clear 2 Cosmos!

Round 4 Vs Gadgets OO

Won the second round by hitting Wildman using Viper with 3 Honest and a Limiter =)

Round 5 Vs Lightlords OO

More lightlords! Won the final round by using Viper and 2 honest on Cherubim =)

Top 16

Round 1 Vs Lightlords XOO

Due to some noobish mistake, I forgot open my oppression again and died from crazy dog rush. I had critter and Shine Angel on the next round. Decided to just go for it suiciding everything and did the Honest Viper Combo and managed to cripple him from using Judgement.

Round 2 Vs Dark Armed O-

One of the more exciting match. Thought I was gonna lose after opening 2 Solemn on Heavy Storm and Gaius. Stayed at 1850 lifepoints for quite sometime since Rivalry of Warlords locked him quite abit. A few times he tried to summon MOBC, Gaius, Dark Armed but couldn't since he had a Necro Guardna there which I can't clear anyway. My only attacking monster was a Sangan! So after awhile some actions happened and more Honest Viper! (yeah I know, it's getting boring that I do the same thing over again) Then Time was called and since I won the first round, I just got the win. Lucky! =)

Round 3 Vs Lightlord OXO

Yet another Lightlords! I thought I had the best hand in the whole world lol. A set Shine Angel, my hand had Cyclone, 2 Honest and a Limiter. But well, things never go smoothly. He activated Card Destruction WTF! So Luckily I managed to win back with all the traps. The third round was quite exciting, but I guess luck is on my side today. My hand was Cyber Dragon and 3 Honest. I just summon and raped Mr Lightlord Warrior Garos.

Round 4 Vs Lighlord Undead(?) OO

Ah finally the finals! Thought I could do an OTK since my hand was Honest, Viper and Limiter and he had a Gaius! That could be a 7200 token! But yes things just don't go as planned. He used Solemn on my Limiter and I couldn't use my Honest. Second round I rushed with 2 Calling Nova on his Gaius, one of them got Imprison-ed and I used Enemy Controller to take the Gaius! He Solemn so I open my own Solemn and yes guys!!!!


So Honest Viper decks are gonna make more appearance I guess. So here is the deck list that I used today. I would like to thank feath-sama for his guidance even though it was just me watching his duel videos and he probably dunno who the hell am I lol. But he is such an inspirational figure =)

Monster = 18

[2]Cyber Dragon
[1]Spirit Destroyer Kycoo
[1]Blue Thunder T45
[1]DD Warrior Lady
[1]Morphing Jar
[3]Calling Nova
[3]Shining Angel
[2]Victory Viper XX03

Magic = 10

[1]Pot of Avarice
[1]Heavy Storn
[1]Monster Reborn
[1]Brain Control
[1]Premature Burial
[1]Limiter Removal
[2]Enemy Controller

Trap = 12

[1]Mirror Force
[1]Torrential Tribute
[1]Bottomless Traphole
[3]Solemn Judgement
[3]Royal Oppression
[3]Rivalry of Warlord

Side = 15

[1]Spirit Destroyer Kycoo
[3]D.D Crow
[3]Dust Tornado
[2]Royal Decree
[1]Mind Crush
[1]Prophecy of Reincarnation
[1]Bottomless Traphole


Rivalry of Warlord is strong =) Dunno what it is? Go look it up!

And Lightlords are too strong zzz. Just look at how many I fight! Everyday kena Laila! Stupid bitch!

Special Thanks to the following people:
- feath for his inspirational ideas.
- Sui Kai for the support even though the judges fucked you up and to Xiao Mei as well!
- Spikky for loaning me cards at the last minute. Without the cards I wouldn't even be in the tourney!
- Colin and the rest of the gang for supporting me even though you guys didn't watch the finals! *disappointed*


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